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What’s the Answer to the Question You’re not Asking?

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, the first thing we have to do is identify what your question is. If we’re talking about the safety of your operations, the question might be “Did you encounter anything today that put you, our assets, or our reputation at risk?”

For your quality issues, the question might be “Have we maintained our quality standards over this latest production cycle? Or, “Are we about to encounter supply shortfalls?”

Together, we will help you ask the proper questions to ensure we eliminate surprises and equip you to intervene early in the formation cycle of negative trends.

Proactive processes and programs are efficient, valuable, and predictable.

Our software is written in house and for the purpose of proactive safety. It is very versatile across multiple industries, easy to use, and extremely secure. We take your data security seriously!

Our Team

As unlikely as it may seem, we’ve captured lightning in a bottle with our team of professionals. We’re comprised of a number of highly-experienced veteran officers from the United States Army, Marine Corps and Corporate Aviation. We’re fully adept in operations, safety, quality, compliance, budget and finance, sales, flying, maintenance, audit, and surveys. This experience shapes our approach to our product offerings because we’ve worked through nearly every problem you’re likely to encounter in your company. Our solutions are the direct result of our best and most efficient ways to solve your operational problems.

Our Promise to You

We take a white hat approach to all of our client dealings. What that means is you won’t encounter a high-pressure sales pitch from any of our members. Instead, you’ll find a professional company dedicated to making you successful and helping you eliminate impediments to your processes. If we can’t add value to you, we won’t waste your valuable time, and of course there will be no cost to you for the evaluation encounter.

Our Secret

Simplicity is at the heart of our business principles and our software functionality. We only build what works and what adds value. Everything else finds the cutting room floor.

Our Software

Our patented software is built to industry best, robust standards so it works when you need it to and delivers the result you want. No errors, exceptions or complicated learning curve. Our software exists to serve you, not some corporate cookie-cutter efficiency model. Our approach is unique in that we customize all of our tools for your needs rather than selling you a one-size-fits all product. The latter is the lazy approach favored by most of our competitors. This is just one of our differentiators. Get started with us today and we will show you a level of artisanal software engineering that will exceed your expectations at every turn!